We find safety in community

We create trust with awareness

We heal as a collective

Spiritual energy practices for living a wholehearted life.

Guided by Diana Mikas

I’m offering spiritual, practical and vetted healing tools every month

to help dissolve blocks to love and connection.

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I see you…

because I am you….

You’re a Giver. You work hard at giving from your heart but are frustrated AF and bewildered that it isn’t reciprocated with the wholeness that you desire.

You feel deeply. So much so that at times you feel it’s a curse and want to numb and distract yourself. (Please don’t. It’s your super-power)

You know that you deserve better love than what you’ve been getting, but feel you need to hold your cards close for fear of betrayal. (We’ll rebuild trust)

You’ve done so much inner work already. Therapy. Recovery. Wellness. Sometimes it feels like nothings working and you just want someone to show you the way. (That’s why I’m here)

Living your best life from a whole heart is your highest desire. And although you’ve been knocked down, you know that nothing will stop you from learning how to powerfully rise and create the love life of your dreams.

Wholehearted is your safe container.

Our journey begins with healing your heart

through the energetic centres…

Inner love creates outer harmony in your relationships and the world at large.

Rewiring how you do love is scary business. It challenges you to

push through the shadows to reach the light of your true self.

Living with a broken heart is no longer an option.

We all feel it.

We are all heartbroken and waiting for things to shift.

And, the shifting is all on you.

You know your relationships mirror where you are at all times.

Creating awareness of your love blocks, loving them and

then letting them go is the path to self-love.

A grounded more resilient you creates trust and safety in your relationships.

Your healing energy ripples outward to create a world of safety, trust and

unconditional love and connection.

Let’s create this together

What Wholehearted

offers you:

Weekly gatherings to make sure you're supported as you go through the course

Classes with Diana

LIVE Wholehearted online video calls

every week with Diana.

We dive deep into pre-submitted questions on topics such as boundary work and integrity, forgiveness and letting go, mind-body love, manifesting your love life, dating and sex. Recordings are uploaded onto the portal for you to access any time you wish.

The Portal

Access everything at home base –

The Wholehearted Portal.

Simple, easy access to all content for the month for the duration of your membership. Fresh content is loaded on the first of every month and as we

co-create during the month. Meditations, Energy Healings, Mantras and more.

A closer look...

The Teaching

Each month centers on a new practice theme to heal and expand…Igniting Integrity, Creating boundaries, Forgiveness, Reconnecting to your

Divine Feminine…

I create your journey and we expand,

release blocks and live it in

Wholehearted experience.

The Energy Practice

Twice a month, I offer up a universal healing practice that aligns the area of the endocrine system that is directly affected by the love block we are dissolving. The public is invited to register/pay, these are FREE to

Wholehearted members.


The power of our words can either

keep us in suffering or release us from the past.

Each month we bring in powerful Mantra practices to release, heal and transform.


The energy that created you is yours to wield and recreate a powerful love life. Powerful, mindset meditations will be released each month, that will allow you to go deeper into your practice of healing.

A closer look...

Create your healing playlist as the mantra’s, meditations,

and practices are yours forever.

This is your journey

This isn’t another to-do list.

I’ll offer you options for meditations, practices and connecting more deeply.

We are healing our hearts and we do things gently.

This is your support system


  • Energetically Aligned - Each session is a steeped in energy healing practices to shift you away from the lower vibrations.

  • Safe and Private - We meet off social media in a container that is safe and supportive for you to express and let go.

  • Go with the flow - I create each journey to address what the current energy field is presenting.

  • Guided - There's nothing for you to prepare or do. Simply show up and be guided. Take my hand.

  • VIP treatment - As a Wholehearted Member you'll receive special offers and discounts.

A Bonus Guide: How to Create Your Healing Space

Create a space just for you.

A quiet healing space.

I’ll guide you through the process of

clearing any negative energy and

preparing the elements you’ll need to

create your sacred space.

You’ll receive your guide

as soon as you join.

I don’t promise you magical healing,

but it has happened. Many times.

What I can offer is a support system,

filled with unconditional love and ancient healing traditions guided by a lifetime of wisdom.

You’ll walk through life

more grounded and secure.

You’ll understand your truth and be

forever guided by your higher self.

Your wholehearted awareness will

heal those around you.

No more fear. No more anxiety. Just love.

Breathe deeply and Join us


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